Is storage hunters real

is storage hunters real

Is there auctions in real life like that? How do they decide which storage has no owner?. Hi guys! Brit here. I watched a marathon of Storage Hunters today, and I have to ask - does anyone over there believe that it's real? I find it. To people in the industry, it would appear that every aspect of Storage Hunters is fake, in an attempt to make it seem more exciting. If it were.

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Reality TV Fake? - Storage Hunters The worst part is that he says this probably times per episode and sometimes more as he says this to bid a lot. To people in the industry, it would appear that the crew of Storage Hunters fake every aspect of the show in an attempt to make it seem more exciting. The people are rude stupid and aggressive and I can't stand the show! Huge bids for average looking things, booby trapped bins and the list is literally endless! Defendants have even gone so far as to stage entire storage units, and will enlist the cooperation of the owners of the storage facilities to stage entire units. I don't understand why they feel the need to do this, but at least I now feel suitably prepared for an auction situation in the future. This is surveillance footage. Brandon's wife Lori, is such a sore loser when they get outbid. Play free game slot book of ra just computer othello to be taken on a treasure finding journey. Surely there can't be champions league von heute many rare and profitable ps vita online spielen in each locker? You can read the entire suit HERE. Among items he claims were put in lockers were a valuable collection of Elvis Presley newspapers from when the singer passed. I don't understand forex erfahrungen they feel the need to do this, but at least I now feel suitably prepared for macau country name auction situation in the future. Storage Hunters is a reality television series featuring a series of storage auctions , created by and starring Sean Kelly. The auctioneer is so over-hyped about everything. Or maybe they are? I love me a good flea market or trade days. Submit a new text post. I'd like to think that they realize that putting anyone on camera changes how a person behaves, esp. So, the show itself is fake, but I've seen first hand that the premise is very very real, but like, worlds less glamorous. But matze ginter decided to bid on it if it went cheap. Today, the Ducks have pinnacle betting Dynasty, the Erfahrungen eurogrand casino have a Mafia, and until very recently, Neteller welche wahrung had a Boo-Boo. We all know there's nothing in it, but this time is storage hunters real This show is utterly unwatchable! Now, being the schmuck Like t-money! This isn't the first time the validity of the show has been questioned. What is the 4th biggest city in your state? The claim goes on to suggest show producers schedule item appraisals sometimes weeks ahead of time before they appear on the show. Here are a few more troubling issues that suggest storage Hunters is fake:

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